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Made from 100% recycled Oregon ( Douglas Fir) this easel may have paint on it and nails visible. It is fully sanded and oiled and made from a larger cross section than normal. Even though Oregon is lighter than hardwoods this easel will be about the same weight and strength as an ABH1800 due to the larger volume of wood. This is a very stable strong easel with screwed and glued joints, bolted spring loaded rear hinge. My easels do not give trouble even when under the toughest operating environment like Art Schools.

Recycled easels take a lot more work than making them from new timber but I have discounted my labour as I love recycled oregon, it not only looks good but makes great easels. I also now have plenty of this wood, which I have not been able to obtain for years.

This easel is 1.75 metres tall and can be shipped either partially assembled or fully assembled. It has a fully adjustable shelf and can be supplied with a top mount. Price is $185 inc GST. Top Mount $30 inc GST. Tray $135 palette holders $90 a pair. I would normally ask about $285 due to the considerable work required and potential equipment damage due to nails .I actually destroyed a saw blade when collecting this wood.

Model ABO1800 made from fully recycled oiled oiled Oregon.

I can also make All model H frames from the same wood, price will be the same as Victorian Ash. All my easels designs are original and I have made easels full time since 1997.

Red Iron Bark A Frame - for Art or Display save $80

Red Iron Bark is just about the worlds hardest natural wood, it is also beautiful. The harder the wood the more resistant to damage. It is also heavy, the Red Iron Bark easels weigh as much as the Oregon easel above despite having half the volume of woo d.. It is also harder to make easels out of, but when I was offered a small pack of 42x19mm Red Iron Bark I could not resist. I am selling these for $185 inc GST, a top mount is $30. I cannot make trays from this wood. the same price as Victorian Ash, but Red Iron Bark is more expensive and more time consuming to work. Normally I would ask $265 for this easel.The construction is the same as all my easels, made to last without giving trouble. Easel is 1750mm tall and has a a fully adjustable shelf

Red Iron Bark easel, model ABRIB1800 looks darker in the photo than it actually is, colour is a very dark red, think sour cherry, perhaps darker.


Home - A Frame Easels - Display easels

Delivery - price per package, up to 3 easels Partially Assembled fit into one package, fully assembled easels cost $20 per package extra, metro area, see below. Please add $20 if a tray is ordered. If the tray goes in a fully assembled parcel of one easel there is no extra charge.

Melbourne Metro - $20 partially assembled $30 fully assembled, - Victorian country $45.

Sydney $45 - NSW Country up to $150 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $45 - S. A. country up to $200 depending on Post code

ACT - $55

Brisbane/Gold Coast/ parts of Sunshine Coast $50 - Queensland country up to $200 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $55 - W.A. country up to $200 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $60

Please note: I can send fully assembled easels (Glued and screwed) to Sydney/Adelaide for only $20 extra per package. Other areas are a very reasonable premium on the above prices. You are only paying for the extra cartage cost. Please ask for a quote when ordering multiple easels. Two fit into the one parcel. Ring jeff 0425734215

When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. There is full internet tracking on the parcel to tell you when it is going to be delivered.

Phone Jeff Lacey at Easels Galore: 0425734215 ABN 88 108 289 212

To place an order:

You can pay by credit card, which is best done over the phone for security reasons. If you nominate a time and tell me your phone number I will ring you for the details. Or you can ring me on 0425734215
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Commonwealth Bank
Account name: Easels Galore
BSB Number: 063145
Account number: 10146925

If you prefer I can send a PDF invoice prior to payment. Tax invoices are always supplied with the shipment.

All Prices include GST, unless otherwise stated

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