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Book easels are used on cabinets to hold a variety of books such as wedding albums, cook books display books and visitors books. I have also sold them to artists wanting to paint at a tilted back angle on a table.

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Easel (model DB) $70 will take books up to 380mm deep and spread open 800mm. Book in background is 340mm deep and 260mm wide. The easel holds books up top 6 kilograms.

Ideal to display art books.

DB Easel frame measures 270 mm deep X 500 mm wide. Angle of display approximately 45 degrees.

You can display books up to 380mm deep and 800mm total width.

This is a readers Digest world Atlas, measures 380mm deep and 280mm wide when closed, 560mm wide when open. It is the biggest book in my library. You can display books up to 380mm deep and 800 mm wide, on model DB.

Books can be closed and sitting on one side, easel is still stable. Model DB $70

Made from Premium Red hardwood

Lonely Planet Publications purchased 70 model DB book easels for in store displays.

If you have larger, deeper, thicker books you would choose this easel,model DBX $85 to take books to 460mm deep and 800mm wide. The front support is 47mm useable depth.

Another view of the large Model DBX - $75.

The wood is Forest Red hardwood.

Delivery- Models Db and DBX- Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne $20, Brisbane $25, Other places please ask, these are relatively compact and delivery is economical. Multiople easels will fit in the same package for little or no extra cost.

Model DBTSH - Large book easel with solid top and infinite tilt This top 450 X 600 mm to suit double A3

Photos in Victorian Ash $295, also available in premium red hardwood or Spotted Gum $395


Tilt is infinitely variable from vertical to Horizontal.

Adjusting the tilt angle allows you to avoid reflections in glossy pages.


Adjust the angle to suite the viewer. Adjustment is by a single knob at the rear of the easel.

Delivery - , price per package, 2 easels fit into one package. No assembly required.

Melbourne Metro -$20, - Victorian country $25

Sydney $30 - NSW Country up to $65 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $30 - S. A. country up to $75 depending on Post code

ACT - $35

Brisbane/Gold Coast/ parts of Sunshine Coast $35 - Queensland country up to $95 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $40 up to $90 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $35


Phone Jeff at Easels Galore 03 9787 9465: International 61 3 97879465
Major credit cards accepted. (2% surcharge)

To Order Please email me and I will telephone you for your order, plus credit card details, this endures maximum security. Pay by Cheque, Direct Debit Email for Details or Money order.

Prices include GST.

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You can order easels from the internet. Freight is not so expensive and they are securely wrapped in bubble wrap. The fully folding, horizontal to vertical and semi folding easels are economical to post. The “Z” series A and H frames are also very economical to ship. Partially assembled A frames or H frames are the next easiest to freight. Credit card orders taken over the phone. Email your telephone number (just click to email) and I will ring you. You can also pay by direct debit. I can refer you to many satisfied and happy customers who have ordered via the internet: Jeff Lacey, Easel Maker and Owner of Easels Galore.

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