A Frame Easel 2.1 metres tall with centre shaft

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Taller and heavier than my standard A Frames the AM model allows for larger canvases to be fitted A Frames are the workhorse easel, simple, strong and with minimal moving parts. These easels offer good support but always tilt back. All my A frames have a bolted high friction hinge that has no free play and gives great stability. Mounts are fully and infinitely adjustable with two turn to lock knobs using a strong vice grip. Easels that are are strong stable and very reliable. Built to last with the absolute minimum of maintenance.

AMH2100 easel in Victorian Ash with optional tray - available in lighter or heavier models.

AMK2100 easel in Jarrah with optional tray- available in lighter or heavier models

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AMM2100 easel in Merbau --available in lighter or heavier models

Also see Standard A Frames in 42mm or 65 mm timber 1.8 metres tall.

Also See Standard A Frames 1.8 metres tall. Also see photos of many different A Frames Can be made heavy duty to hold 50 plus kilos click for more details

Choice of two weights, 42x19mm frame makes for a lighter easel for when you do not want to carry a lot of weight around, and 65x19mm frame for a heavier easel. Both easels are sturdy and stable but there is no substitution for more wood when you paint robustly. Merbau and Red hardwoods are heavier than Vic. Ash.

Prices - Easels with 42x19mm frames - Lighter model

AMHL2100S (sanded or Student Model ) $215 in Victorian Ash - add top mount for $30

AMHL2100 Oiled Victorian Ash $235 - Add top mount for $30

AMHL2100S Sanded but not oiled Premium Red Hardwood - $255 add top mount $30

AMKL2100 oiled Red Premium Australian Hardwood - $280 Add top mount for $35

Prices - Easels with 65x19mm frames - Heavier Model

AMH2100S (sanded or Student Model ) In Victorian Ash $235 Add top mount $30

AMH2100 in oiled Victorian Ash $275 add top mount $30

AMK2100S (sanded or Student Model )in Premium Red Hardwood $290 add top mount $30

AMK2100 in Oiled Premium Red Australian Hardwood $305 add top mount $35

Trays to suit all models Victorian Ash either sanded $130 or oiled $145 palette holders $45 each sanded or $50 each oiled.

Trays in Premium Red Hardwood $190, palette holders $65 each. Sanded but not oiled trays in Premium Red Hardwood or Merbau $165 and palette holders to match sanded but not oiled $55 each. Rigid rear leg with brace $40

Delivery - price per package . Please add $20 if a tray is ordered - partially assembled only.

Melbourne Metro -$30, - Victorian country $60 - Victorian Prices are for fully assembled easels a tray can be included in the parcel at no extra cost.

Sydney $35 - NSW Country up to $130 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $35 - S. A. country up to $140 depending on Post code

ACT - $45

Brisbane/Gold Coast/ parts of Sunshine Coast $45- Queensland country up to $160 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $50 - W.A. country up to $160 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $50

Please note: I can send fully assembled easels (Glued and screwed) to Sydney/Adelaide for only $30 extra per package. Other areas are a very reasonable premium on the above prices. You are only paying for the extra cartage cost. Up to 2 fully assembled easels fit in parcel for same price IE it costs $65 to ship 2 fully assembled easels to Sydney. One tray can be included in a fully assembled easel parcel at no extra cost.

With fully assembled easels the customer has to attach the centre shaft using 4 screws. I cannot send easels with the Centre shaft attached as the parcel is too large for the carrier.

When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. There is full internet tracking on the parcel to tell you when it is going to be delivered.


The 2100 in the model number refers to the height in Millimetres. The bottom mount is 600mm wide 65mm deep, top mount 350mm wide 19 mm deep, with beveled under edge front and rear, to lock onto canvas. Top mount reverses to eliminate knob shadows. Knobs 27mm cube of Recycled River Red Gum with threaded metal insert. Trays 700 mm wide and 200 mm deep. Outside width of legs at bottom 650mm. Distance between front and back legs, 600mm Oiled finish is Olive oil. All joints are screwed and when sent assembled, glued. All unassembled easels must have the joints glued using "Cross Linking PVA" available at hardware stores, details supplied with easels.

All dimensions are nominal.

Hi Jeff,
Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I'm probably less efficient in putting my photos on the computer than putting up my easel.
My compliments and regards, it 'runs' perfectly!
Tom Lock - Easel is - AMK2100 with top mount.


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